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IT Services

New Starter Process

If an offer of employment has been accepted and a start date has been issued by HR, the Line Manager/Centre Administrators (or equivalent) should raise a ticket using the online New Starter form. A request for an IT account should be made at least 1 week before the start date and 4 weeks before the start date for purchasing the IT Equipment (Desktop/Laptop).

You can find the New Starter form within the 'Top Ten Requests' tab once logged into the self-service portal



Step 1. Raise a ticket:

Insert your details in the request field as the person authorised to make the request. Please use the alternative contact as a way to keep budget holders and approvers informed of any expenditure or actions you are requesting.


Step 2. Tell us about the new starter:

In the ‘New starter details’ section please enter the details for the New starter as shown in the example below:


Step 3. What IT equipment do they need:

If no equipment is required please leave this section blank or select the 'Laptop Move/Change' to re-assign an existing device to the new starter.

Otherwise, please select the laptop/desktop model using the drop down option.

Any model not listed, select the 'Other PC or Laptop' option and specify the details in the ‘further information’ field this includes non-standard laptop/desktop.

The same principal applies to mobile phones.

NOTE: A budget code may be needed for any chargeable equipment, please ensure you have permission from the budget holder before continuing.

If you require any additional keyboards or monitors please select from the fields below.


Step 4. What access rights do they need:

Tick the account access the New Starter will require, anything not listed please should be specified in the 'Other' field.

Specify the folder and/or shared network access e.g. J:\POOL\name of folder 1\name of Folder 2\ and the name of any shared calendar or mailbox the New Starter will need access to. 



Step 5. What software do they need:

Tick the Software that needs to be made available to the New Starter, anything not listed should be specified in the 'Other' field.

NOTE: A list of software that comes as standard can be found here. A budget code may be needed for any chargeable software.


Please provide any further information that ITS should know for your new starter request.

Please ensure you remove any bullet point that is not applicable to your New Starter request in the field above before submitting.


Step 6. Submit the ticket:

Submit the ticket to the Service Desk for processing and inform the Staff Directory Administrator of the new starter with the following information:

  • Name of the new starter
  • Role
  • Project (if applicable)
  • Location, Campus, Building, Room number
  • New Starter Number
  • Contract type

NOTE: A user account, PRM (valid for 6 days) and email account are provided as standard. IT Services will need to be told where an email account is not required.

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