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IT Services

    Raise a ticket Call 24/7: 020 7882 8888 



IT Support Channels

All IT Support channels are open with support staff available to respond to your query.

The Service Desk is based at Dept W in core hours (9am to 5pm) and can be contacted using Live Chat, email, phone and Self-Service. Please note if you need in-person assistance at Dept W then please visit the Staff hub on the 1st floor.

Campus Support are providing support on all our campuses. Should you require a face-to-face support appointment then please book using Live Chat.

Copy Shop is open and can be contacted as per the below table.

Please note: All queries are triaged through Live Chat, phone, email and self-service. Only when specifically required will a face-to-face appointment get booked.


Channel  How to AccessHours
Self-service via ITS web pages 24hrs - 365 days
Service Desk - Live Chat    24hrs - 365 days
Service Desk - Email

Submit anytime but expect responses between 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday

Service Desk - Phone 020 7882 8888   24hrs - 365 days

Service Desk - IT Service Station (Mile End Campus - Hive)

N.B. The IT Service Station is situated within the Hive

(Entrance to The Hive is located past Ground Cafe, up the stairs, through the door on the right)

In person - Mile End Campus - The Hive 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday 

Dept W Support Station

In person - 1st floor Staff Hub 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (Please contact the Service Desk via the channels above if no one is present)

Campus Customer Support (CCS) L2

In-person appointments for IT support for staff and students.

N.B. This is “by appointment” only, booked through email or Live Chat

Mile End: G15, Francis Bancroft

Whitechapel: Hill Centre, Garrod Building

N.B. Incidents or requests raised at the Service Desk may also result in a CCS in-person attendance anywhere on campus.

Book through email or Live Chat   9am to 4pm Monday to Friday    


Currently no counter service, only phone and email service.

  1. Staff and students to raise a request via or phone 0207 882 6262
  2. Staff and students to email items for printing or drop-off items at the CopyShop contact point.
  3. CopyShop will inform users of the collection time via email.
  4. Staff/students to collect from CopyShop contact point.


Drop-off and pickup from the Copyshop contact point - Temporary Building, Mile End Campus.  

Book through:

Or phone : 0207 882 6262

8am – 5pm Monday-Friday

Faculty Relationship Managers (FRMs):

Shahid Rashid – SMD

Rupa Dey – HSS

Tom King – S&E

Richard Young – PS

Agi Jankowski – Student Experience

For strategic IT questions related to a specific School, Faculty or Division :

(N.B. incidents or standard requests should be submitted to the Service desk (see above). 
Submit anytime but expect responses between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday 

EECS support team

020 7882 8888

9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

IT Research team

For all enquires related to IT support for research:

Submit anytime but expect responses between

9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

ITS Lead Team

At least one ITS lead team member to be on campus at Mile End on Wednesdays and Thursdays from Monday 29th March

NB Weekdays 7pm-7am, weekends, Bank Holidays and University closure days are covered by our out-of-hours IT Support partner Norman.

Norman provides Live Chat and phone support via the channels above and the switchover is seamless.