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Office 365 email and calendaring

If you have recently moved to Office 365 and would like further information on using the new system, please refer to the help sheets on the right or browse the Frequently Asked Questions


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What is Office 365?
Office 365 is a Microsoft product offering an online version of Office. Queen Mary has chosen to use Office 365 as the provider of all staff and student email accounts.

Why are we using it? 
Office 365 has been chosen for a number of reasons, Microsoft actually offer the email service for free to academic institutions so there is a huge financial benefit for the College. The product also offers some great benefits for anyone using it, including:

  • 25GB of mail storage
  • College-wide shared calendaring system
  • access to all mail and calendar information via a powerful and easy to use webmail.

When will I be moving to Office 365? 
Students are already using Office 365. Staff mailboxes are being migrated over the coming months. The Office 365 project team will be in touch with each department to discuss the individual needs of each group and agree a migration date. Until this discussion has taken place it is not possible to identify when individual mailboxes will be moved.

Where do I go if I need help?
If you have a question about Office 365 or have recently moved and need help, then you should find the answer on these pages. The FAQs page answers all the main questions about Office 365 and the help sheets on the right of this page have guidance on using Outlook Web Access and how to set up most email clients.

If you cannot find the answer you need then please call the Office 365 support team on 020 7882 6993 between 10am and 3pm or email




*Some of the content on this site is based on material provided by the University of Surrey with their permission.

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