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Managed QMUL device login process

Installing the QMUL Fortinet VPN Client.

The FortiClient will be sent to your laptop using our existing software delivery system. The laptop will need to connect to the QMUL network, by either a wired connection at the University campus or through the Direct access remote connection (which is already configured and available on all QMUL Managed laptops). The connection is usually automatically established on QMUL Managed laptops.

Your laptop will need an active connection to the internet to establish a VPN connection to the QMUL network.

The VPN client will be pushed out to your laptop, in a similar way to receiving Windows updates.

Once the VPN client has completed the installation, you will be presented with a login screen


You will need to restart your laptop to complete the installation and to take full advantage of the all client features such as Auto Connect and Save Password.

The below message will appear to remind you to restart your PC:

Restart you pc countdown

Once the 90 minutes countdown has finished, the laptop will restart. If you wait 90 minutes, you are risking losing unsaved work. It is advised that you restart your laptop before the countdown has finished.

  • Once you have restarted the laptop, following the completion of the installation, please log back into Windows. The FortiClient will automatically start. You will need to enter your username and password for the first time that you login to the FortiClient VPN application:

 The Forticlient login screen


The FortiClient VPN will connect to the QMUL network automatically, the next time you login to your laptop (if you have access to the internet via a wired or Wi-Fi connection).



  • Please click on the down arrow next to Client Certificate. You will need to ensure you have selected the certificate that begins with your username, under the user account section (it will look like the screenshot below):

User certificate choose screen



  • Click to select the Save Password option

Forticlient Save Password

  • Click on the Connect button to start the VPN connection:

Forticlient connect button

  • The VPN will establish a connection to the QMUL network. You will see the below Icon within your system tray:

Forticlient vpn is connected

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