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Set up Outlook for Windows

These are the steps for setting up your Windows phone (7.5) for your QMUL email account; the steps may differ for different versions.


  • Windows phone
  • QMUL username and password

Steps to configure your Windows phone for Office 365

1. On the Start screen flick to the App list. Tap Settings and then tap email + accounts.

2. Tap Add an account and then tap Exchange or Outlook depends on the version of the phone.

3. Enter your QMUL email address and password and tap Sign in. Your Windows phone will automatically try to set up your email account. If set up completes successfully, skip to step 8.

4. You may be asked to enter the following information:

  • In the Username field enter your QMUL username including the '' suffix (eg

5. Tap Sign in, if successful your email will synchronise after a few minutes, skip to step 8.

6. If your email account cannot be configured automatically, tap Advanced Setup. You will need to enter the following additional information:

  • In the Server field enter ''
  • In the Description field enter 'Office 365' (or any short name meaningful to you)
  • Tick the Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection box.

7. Tap Sign in, tap OK if Exchange ActiveSync asks you to enforce policies or set a password.

8. On the email + accounts screen tap on the account you have just created.

9. In the Account name field enter 'Office 365' (or any short name meaningful to you).

10. Choose when to Download new content and when to Download email from.

11. Select which items of Content to synchronise.

12. Tap the tick icon at the bottom of the screen to save changes.

13. Tap the Windows button on your device to return to the Start screen. Tap the new tile relating to the email account you have just set up to confirm that it is configured correctly.

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