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Using Clutter

Clutter has been introduced to help filter the low priority emails from your inbox so you can scan your mailbox for important messages easily. 

Quick facts about Clutter

  • Analyses emails and your behaviour towards them - it gets smarter over time
  • Respects your existing email rules - those rules continue to be applied and Clutter will not act on those messages
  • Determines which emails you are most likely to ignore and moves them to Clutter - we recommend checking Clutter as you may find legitimate emails stored there
  • You can train Clutter by marking emails as Clutter or moving it to the Clutter folder - moving emails back into your Inbox will teach Clutter that these messages are not low priority
  • You will receive an overview email, in your inbox, notifying you how Clutter has been filtering your emails so far.

Enable and disable Clutter

1. Sign into your account on Outlook Web App (OWA)

2. Click on the cog wheel icon and select Mail

3. From the left navigation panel, under Mail > Clutter

  • To enable Clutter, check the box next to Separate items identified as clutter and then click Save
  • To disable Clutter, uncheck the box next to Separate items identified as clutter and then click Save

NOTE: Emails remain in the Clutter folder even after the clutter feature has been disabled. To store these emails in another folder you will need to manually move them by drag and drop.


Please contact the IT Service Desk should you have any difficulties on 0207 882 8888, our lines are open 24/7, alternatively you can raise a ticket.

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