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Staff Leavers - Hardware Retrieval Process

Queen Mary provides IT equipment to its employees, where appropriate, to fulfil their function. This equipment needs to be reassigned to the employee’s replacement or returned to ITS if no replacement is employed.

The process is available as a Word document Leavers Hardware Retrieval Process [DOC 284KB]

Actions and responsibilities


Line Manager


1) ITS - HR Systems Team

The HR Systems Team look after the MyHR system. Once a week a report is generated detailing that week’s leavers. HR Systems Team forward this to the Service Desk as a logged ticket. The report can be sent as is and no special ticket template is used or required. 

2) ITS - Service Desk

The Service Desk take the report from HR Systems and create an individual ticket per leaver raised on behalf of the leaver’s line manager. These tickets need to include the tasks that they perform to disable the various accounts that enabled the leaver to perform their function. Once The Service Desk have completed their tasks the request is then assigned it to the appropriate CCS site queue. The request needs to ask CCS to contact the leaver’s line manager to assess the leaver’s equipment as listed against their name in the CMDB.

3) ITS - Campus Customer Support (CCS)

The CCS technician assigned to complete the request will interrogate the CMDB to see what equipment is allocated to the leaver. Embedded beneath is a checklist to facilitate this. Once complete the technician visits the line manager to assess what is to happen to the equipment. This is to be assessed and actioned using the below flow process. If there is any lack of agreement as to the ownership of the equipment, failure to return equipment, or what should happen to it, the CCS technician is to escalate to the CCS site manager. The local CCS manager is responsible for all ITS funded devices on their sites.

4) School/Institute/department

The line manager of the leaver is obliged to work with the CCS technician to achieve the correct assessment of the equipment allocated to the leaver. If the equipment was not purchased and provided by ITS then the line manager needs to ascertain where the funding came from (e.g. research grant) and ensure that the funding source is aware that the equipment is now not being used by the employee it was assigned to and assist in its repurposing or disposal, CCS can assist with this once a decision is made. Alternatively, if the equipment was purchased from an active research grant that is being transferred to another institution, JRMO can confirm that it will be retained by grant holder. The leaver may have negotiated with the institute/school/department, to keep their IT equipment. This can only occur with devices that the institute/school/department has funded. Any device disposed of in this manner will require the removal of any QMUL data and licensed software prior to its transfer of ownership. The line manager needs to do their due diligence to ensure that no QMUL funded devices are inappropriately retained by the leaving member of staff.

5) The Leaver

The leaver is responsible for ensuring that any equipment that they have at home is brought back into work and handed over to their line manager or to CCS. The leaver is financially responsible for any Queen Mary supplied devices and any missing items should be taking into consideration as part of their severance.

The process is available as a Word document Leavers Hardware Retrieval Process [DOC 284KB]

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