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IT Services

Service Level Categories - Gold, Silver, Bronze

Each IT service has an appropriate level of service applied. We categorise services as Gold, Silver or Bronze, the qualitative and quantitative definitions of each category are below:

One or more of these qualitative definitions may be true

  • Any business service which is deemed critical for the University and its reputation.
  • Disruption or any loss of data associated with this could cause major impact or have legal implications for the University, external customers and stakeholders. 
  • The application or service is used by large numbers of staff, students and/or external users. 
  •  It is necessary for the service to operate outside of normal working hours. 
  • Any business service whose loss would cause significant disruption but not critically impact the University’s external customers and stakeholders. 
  • Disruption or loss of data associated with this service would cause significant impact to internal University users. 
  • The application or service is used by significant numbers of staff, students and/or some external users. 
  • The service is generally required outside of normal working hours 
  • Any business service whose loss would cause some internal University users inconvenience but not cause immediate or significant disruption.  
  • The application or service is used by small numbers of external customers or stakeholders but the access is infrequent and loss of the service would not have a significant impact 
  • There are not likely to be significant impacts associated with the loss or unavailability of data associated with this service. 
  • The service may be available, but is not normally expected to be accessed outside of normal working hours 

The classification of some services will vary during the year. For example, during Clearing, Telephony would be classified as Highly Critical and a Gold standard applied.

Events/periods affecting service classification and categorisation include but not limited to:

  • Examination Periods including Resits
  • Enrolment
  • Clearing
  • Open Days
  • Graduation

Quantitative definitions of each Service Category 

*AVAILABILITY % Target 99.5% measured monthly on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis, excluding agreed in advance maintenance windows. No more than 3.8 hours down-time per month Target 99% measured monthly on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis, excluding agreed in advance maintenance windows. No more than 7.2 hours down-time per month Target 98% measured monthly on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis, excluding agreed in advance maintenance windows. No more than 14 hours down-time per month
  • 8 agreed planned outages a year
  • 2 weeks’ notice
  • 2 short notice emergency changes
  • 12 agreed planned outages a year
  • 1 weeks’ notice
  • 4 short notice emergency changes
  • 24 agreed planned outages a year
  • 3 days’ notice
  • 12 short notice emergency changes
*RECOVERY TIME Restore service within 2 hours Restore service within 7 hours Restore service within 2 working days
*RECOVERY POINT Maximum of 90 minutes data lost  Maximum of 12 hours data lost  Maximum of 2 days data lost 

List of Gold, Silver and Bronze Services

Agresso ArcGIS  Alyteryx 
Appsanywhere Archibus  Bar codes, Barbecue Bar Coding 
Backups ARMIS  BI Reporting 
Barclays Internet Banking BIB Attendance recording  Borromei Banking 
Big Blue Button Audio Visual Meeting Rooms  Clickers 
Bizvu Audio Visual Teaching spaces  DMS 
Blackboard Collaborate Audio Visual Signage  eCosting Questionnaire 
Campus M Beyond Trust Remote Support tool and Live Chat  EECS Spit FTP 
Canvas Bristol Online Surveys  Evasys 
CCTV Calm  Experian QAS 
Clearing Plus Cohort  Experts Guide 
Docker / Lamp Confluence/Jira  Gifts+ Hospitality Register 
Elements Core PC  GitHub 
EPSRC Tier2 HPC centres Co-Tutor  GitLab 
Ezproxy C-Series  Globus Data Management 
File Storage G & J  Devices for Staff - Loans  Headsets 
G4S Security System (Symmetry) formerly MultiMax  Devices for Staff - Purchasing  HEAR (Gradintel) 
High Performance Computing  Digital Evidence Management System  High Performance Computing Workshops 
ID Works  Document camera/Visualiser  Hobsons Radius 
IDCheck E-appraisal (Simitive)  iLabs 
Ivanti eShop  Impromptu (HR Reporting tool) 
Lansweeper Extract Service  ISIStock 
Lapsafe Laptop Loans Fire Risk Assessment  Item Tracker 
Linux Infrastructure Greenglass  Jagger One 
MiCollab Softphone GVE, Global Viewer Enterprise, Remote AV support  Job Listings 
Microsoft Calendar  Mantis (PCTU) 
Microsoft Defender MFA HRCS  Maths Legacy Infrastructure 
Microsoft Email  IBM Planning Analytics  MATLAB  
Microsoft Office 365  I-grasp  Metacompliance 
Microsoft OneDrive  Interlibrary Loans  Microsoft Skype for Business 
Microsoft Sharepoint iPay  MySafety 
Microsoft Teams IVR Service  Nimbus 
Monitoring SolarWinds Kinetics  Odex 
Moodle, Qmplus LibCal  Online Reporting Tool for Bullying and Sexual Harrassment 
Nagios Monitoring libraryConnect  Onyx 
NetApp License Management  Planning & Accountability 
NetSupportDNA Mahara  Pre-award grant costing and consultancy 
Network New Relic  Puppet (Legacy) 
Puppet (New) NorMAN out of hours   Qmplus Enrolment Mapper 
Qmplus Media (Kaltura) Openclinica  Qualtrics 
Q-Review, Echo360 Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer  Recruitment Targets 
Research backup service (Oracle BI Discoverer)  Reserva 
Research storage service Oracle Database Service  Rogo 
Resourcelink/MyHR (Zellis) Printing  SamStock 
RGMS Projects and Portfolio Management Center (PPMC)  SCUBA 
Scientia (Timetable) Qengage  Skills Points 
Security Infrastructure QMFile/Owncloud  Software Asset Management 
Sentry Q-Pulse  Speedwell 
Servers and Storage Hardware Q-Review appliances  SRS 
Shibboleth quickConnect  Staff Time Allocation 
Sierra LMS Research Publications  Subject Exam Board Reports 
SITS Research software engineering support  Transmart 
Springboard Research software workshops and training  Tritorr 
SSH Proxy / Jump servers Risk Register  Warning Level Absences 
Staff Managed Desktop Service Linux Science Warehouse   
Staff Managed Desktop Service Mac SPSS   
Staff Managed Desktop Service Win Stata   
Student Managed Desktop Sympa Mailing Lists   
Telephony Tableau   
Umbrella DNS Taught Programmes Action Plan   
VDI  Terminal 4   
VMWare Virtualisation Total Control Premier   
Web Content Delivery Service (CDN) Voicemail   
Wi-Fi eduroam WeBWork   
Windows Infrastructure Wi-Fi Events   
  Wi-Fi Guest  
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