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SharePoint and OneDrive Migration Project

Welcome to the SharePoint and OneDrive Migration Project


As part of the Digital Workplace Programme the University is working to ensure staff have access to their files from any location, at any time. To facilitate this, we will be migrating the following drives:

• Home Drives (G: drive) to OneDrive for all staff and students
• Shared Drives (J: drive) to SharePoint for all Professional Services, Schools and Faculties

Migrating these drives will lead to many benefits including:

• Anytime, anywhere access to files for staff including off campus
• Collaborative MS Office document editing
• A new user-friendly interface
• Improved effortless collaboration within and between teams
• Improved mobile (phones and tablets) experience allowing staff access anywhere
• Better document management

A project board has been set up to oversee the migration to SharePoint and OneDrive. The board includes representatives from Faculties and Professional Services Directorates from across the University. It also includes experts from information compliance and IT security to ensure our approach is compliant and robust.


The migration for staff will begin in mid-March 2021 and we expect the move to SharePoint will be completed by May 2021. Migration of home drives to OneDrive will be completed by the end of June 2021. We will be liaising with all areas before any migrations take place.

Please note that files and folders that have already been set up on OneDrive and SharePoint will not be overwritten when the migrations take place.


If you have any question please do contact the Project

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