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IT Services

Stage 1: Project mandate

The project mandate provides a broad definition of the project’s objectives, scope, constraints, benefits, risks and costs.


The primary purpose of this stage is to develop the Project Mandate, and identify and prioritise the demand for new or enhanced business services and capabilities. 

At Gate 1 the Project Mandate is checked to ensure it contains the right information and that information is correct as far as can be determined. 

The Gateway Review process at this stage looks at the validity of the Project Mandate for a project in the context of the prioritisation of all IT work.

What happens

The Business Analyst, working with the Business Owner, commences work when the PAR submission is approved. The Business Analyst prepares the Project Mandate which serves as a broad definition of the project’s objectives, scope, constraints, benefits and risks. It also contains an indication of the delivery timescales of the project. 

The Business Analyst collates the information for inclusion in the Project Mandate from a number of sources. This stage is mainly concerned with the discovery and presentation of sufficient information to enable the IT Leadership Team (ITLT) to make the decision of whether to recommend to the IT Strategy Board (ITSB) that the project be started and where it should be prioritised within the portfolio of projects.

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