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Stage 4: Detailed design


The stage commences with the release of funds followed by the Project Team Kick-Off event. This is the first meeting with the project team and the client where everyone involved in the delivery of the project and key stakeholders are brought together to understand the scope, objectives, benefits, timescales and detail of the project. 

During the Detailed Design Stage various design elements of the final solution are defined and documented which will enable the solution to be built, tested, delivered and run as BAU. 

The purpose of Gate 4 is to verify that artefacts of the Detailed Design Phase contain the right information and that information is correct as far as can be determined. 

What happens

Following the Kick-Off event, the Project Manager coordinates the production of a number of design artefacts by a number of stakeholders. These artefacts include:
• Contract and Legal Documentation
• Contract Information Sheet
• Release and Deployment Plan
• Test strategy
• Functional and Technical Requirements
• Test plan
• Network Configuration Request Form
• Service Design Document
• Continual Service Improvement Plan
• Service & Operational Level Agreements

Documents for this Gate are signed off by business and technical representatives, and the Project Manager will make a recommendation to the Board as to whether the Gate should be passed. In addition the PMO will quality assure all the documents prior to the Gateway Review.

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