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IT Services

Science & Engineering

The project will look to move around 5,000 staff and research students from across the University onto the Queen Mary managed service over a two-year period.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering is the first faculty to rollout QMs managed service.

This will be done in a phased approach starting with the Faculty of Science and Engineering (S&E) and will include staff and research students within SBBS, SPCS and EECS. 

School of Biological & Behavioural Sciences (SBBS)

SBBS is the first school to rollout managed services followed by SPCS then EECS. There are approximately 400 staff and students in SBCS.

A survey was conducted back in November 2020 to capture users requirements and device information. The survey recieved excellent results and feedback.

ITS and SBBS School Manager will work in collaboration in assessing each users individual requirements and reviewing these as criteria to identify batches for a phased roll-out to plan the migration of users non/self- managed device to a QM Managed Device. 

This allows the School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences to progress with the first steps towards migrating to the QM Managed Service with the aim to mitigate further risk of security breach, protect Queen Mary systema and data and align to best practices.

Phase 1 rollout (15 users) commenced on 8th Feb 2021 as planned and is now complete - 5th March 2021.
The team successfully rolled out managed services to 8* users.
The next step is to send out the feedback survey.
*7 users were identifed i) out of scope (ie their devices were personally owned/research funded device) ii) they were not available hence moved to phase 2 
Phase 2 rollout (25 users) commenced on 22nd March 2021 as planned
This is currently in progress with an expected delay of 2 weeks - estimated completion is now 7th May 2021
Planning for phase 3 is also in progress. As per usual, this is in collaboration with the project team & the School Manager.
Phase 3 rollout is planned to commence by mid-May 2021.

The roll-out primarily consists of two steps:

  1. Migration of your data to OneDrive*
  2. Re-image/replace your device to a QM Managed Device

 *Users are required to verify their migrated data in OneDrive before step the team commences with step 2.

Please download further details explaining what the rollout involves - What does the Managed Service Rollout involve [PDF 201KB]


Project information on the faculty website can be review by clicking on this link.


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