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IT Services

Objective & Timescale of the Project

Objective of the Project

The overall objective of this project is to eliminate our unmanaged/self-managed estate across the University.

  • To rollout and adopt our QM Managed Service
  • To avoid another ransomware incident
  • Mitigate the risk of further data security breaches at the endpoint/primary device.

Outcome & Impact to Stakeholders

Managed devices will reduce the risks of security breach from the endpoint (first line defence).This allows Queen Mary to align/adhere to cybersecurity best practice and potentially achieve Cyber Essentials Accreditation. Students and staff will have access to modern secure Window operating systems.

Ability to focus on their business and work with a peace of mind whilst allowing Queen Mary IT Infrastructure to monitor, manage and ensure critical updates and security patches are pushed to managed devices timely. We endeavour to minimise any disruption that this migration will have on our colleagues work.

Timescale of the Project 

The roll out process will be delivered in a staged approach. It is expected that SBBS will begin migration and roll out in May 2021, followed by SPCS in September 2021 and then EECS in November 2021. 

Before the roll out and migration process begins, an initial discovery phase will take place to identify users and confirm any device, application/software, storage and service requirements.  

As part of this process, staff and research students within these schools will be asked to complete a short survey, which will allow IT Services to assess their individual requirements and follow-up as required.  

Whilst this project only currently affects Windows desktops and laptops, separate projects are underway for Managed Mac and Managed Linux desktop and laptop solutionsso those with Mac and Linux desktops and laptops will also be asked to complete this short survey. Once delivered, it is envisaged that the migration and roll-out of these newManaged Services will be deployed as part of this Project.

High level activities for the rollout will typically include:




Explore & Discovery

Identify users and confirm device, application/software, storage and service requirements

Confirm scope

Application Packaging

Agree and confirm software/applications

Build and package standard software/application collection

Network Configuration

Agree and confirm services

Ensure users have access to legacy services

Filestore Migration

Agree and confirm backup and storage (OneDrive)

Data migration, access and storage

Migration and roll-out

Agree and confirm roll-out and migration schedule​

Ensure plan is approved.​

Execute Managed Service roll-out

Roll-out the QM managed service as per agreed plan


Transition and Support

Educate and train end users


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