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Managed Service Rollout Updates

Managed Service Rollout - On Hold

  • From 26.7.21 - 13.9.21 due to CCS and Network resources diverted to MME Project.
  • CCS and Network resource extended till 17.09.21
  • CCS resource extended till 21.09.21
  • Planning workshop 20.9.21 cancelled
  • SBCS -> SBBS

    • Phase 4 rollout ion hold. To date 337/383 (88%) users have been assessed. 
    • 5 user to migrate - scheduled appointments re-arranged
    • Draft School closure report in progress

    SPA -> SPCS

    • Scope confirmed and 16th Aug 21 - rollout survey sent
    • Quick win - Alex Owen volunteered to assist with the rollout for 6 desktop PC users 

 Next Steps 

  • Preparing the SBBS school closure report
  • SPCS - Send survey reminder, rollout to 6 users (quick win)

 Managed Research Desktop Service (mRDS)

  • InfoSec confirmed that the proposed research solution is not Cyber Essentials compliant. 
  • Review and feedback from ITS Leads, InfoSec and Head of Enterprise Architect
  • Paper to propose to PB to reduce research laptop builds - removes the need for maintaining and securing 3 separate OS builds.


    (1) One Managed Research Laptop build (Windows) 

    (2) Two Managed Research Laptop builds (Windows & Mac) 

    (3) Three Managed Research Laptop builds Windows, Mac & Linux 

Managed Service Roll-out (Windows)

As and when the managed Mac and Linux builds are delivered, the project will continue to roll-out the managed Windows service. Therefore Mac and Linux users will be pushed to the last phases of roll-out.

School of Biological & Chemical Sciences (SBBS)

In November 2020, a survey was conducted to identify individual requirements and device information. Results were then gathered and forwarded to our ITS Project Team who assessed every individual requirement reviewing these as criteria to identify batches for a phased roll-out within the School. The first batch of SBCS colleagues were identified and signed-off by the School Manager - Fiona Marsh.

Phase 1

  • Rolled out to 13 colleagues (8th February 2021 - 5th March 2021)
  • 8 users were successfully migrated to QM managed service.
  • Some colleagues were identified as out of scope as their device was not QM funded. Colleagues were not available, so users were moved to phase 2.

Phase 2

  • Rolled out to 25 colleagues (22nd March 2021 – 23rd April 2021)
  • 6 users were successfully migrated to QM managed service.
  • 4 users were identified as out of scope as their device was not QM funded.

Phase 3

  • Rolled out to 37 colleagues (10th May 2021 – 28th June 2021)
  • 2 users were successfully migrated to QM managed service.
  • 27 users were identified as out of scope as their devices was not QM funded.

Phase 4

  • Rolled out to 20 colleagues (8th June 2021 – In progress)

Project Change Request

Wednesday 10th March 2021@14:00-15:30 - IT Strategy Board (ITSB) a project change request was submitted and approved:

To extend the scope of the Project:

  1. To roll-out the new managed Mac and Linux (currently seperate projects running in parallel to deliver the managed build). The projects are due to be delivered by end of April 2021 and the rollout will be absorbed as part of this project.
  2. Design, build and deploy the a new managed 'Managed Research Desktop Service'
  3. Project to be renamed, from 'Managed Service (Win10) Rollout' to 'Managed Service Roll-out'.

The project timelines have been extended by another 12 months - end date approx. September 2023.

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