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IT Services

Humanities & Social Sciences

The managed service for Windows was successfully roll-out the whole of Profressional services in 2013 and then in 2015 progressed and successfully rolled out to 7 schools in HSS as part of the IT Transformation Project - apart from School of Economics and Finance.

Therefore orginally when the Project mandate was to rollout was managed Windows service across QM, only School of Economics and Finance was in scope of this project.

However in March 2021 a Project Change Request was submitted and approved at the ITSB:

To extend the scope of the Project:

  1. To roll-out the new managed Mac and Linux (these are seperate projects running in parallel to deliver the managed build)
  2. Design, build and deploy the a new managed 'Research Desktop Service'

This has inevitably extended the overall timelines of the project and now due to rolling out managed Mac and Linux, all the 7 schools in H&SS are now in scope of this project.

The roll-out to H&SS (apart from SEF) would not be until Autumn next year the earliest.

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