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Frequenty Asked Questions

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Q.What is a Primary Device?

A. This is your daily workstation used to perform your day to day job i.e. email, access your home and shared drives, communications etc. (not 'exclusively' for research). 

This is QM funded device that is provided to you as a new starter/employee at Queen Mary, thus returned back to Queen Mary at the end of your employment. This is normally connected to the main Queen Mary Network when not working from Home.   

Only users primary device are in scope of this project, typically 1 person 1 device.

Q. What is a Managed Device?

A. A Windows laptop or desktop PC which is centrally managed by ITS. This device is usually a Dell product.  

Q. What are my laptop replacement options?

A. Click here to see the standard laptop replacement options 

Q. Where will I find the Service Tag and Asset Code on my device?

A. Please see image below












Q. How long is the Project?

A.The project is estimated to take 20 months (subject to recruitment of the team). Discovery, feasibility and strategy to execute the rollout will be reviewed and agreed in    collaboration with individual Schools and Institutes. And now with the added challenge with our transition to remote working from home due to the COVID-19 crisis, this will  inevitably impact the original timelines.

In addition, a Project change request was approved in March 2021 ITSB extending the Project Scope to include:

  1. Roll-out of managed Mac and Linux
  2. Design, development and implementation of a QM Managed 'Research Desktop Service' 

The project timelines have been extended for another 12 months  - End date approx. September 2023

Q. Is the roll-out done remotely or physically?

A. Yes, the Migration can be done remotely for all users. Only if there are any issues while  doing the  migration the user will be asked to be physically present. For further information please download here.

Q. How long does back up of my data take?

A.That depends on the amount of data that needs to be backed up. Small files should take few hours whereas Large files can take up to 3 days. The more data there is to back up, the longer the process will take. 

Q. Where will my migrated data be stored?

A.The successfully migrated data will be stored in One Drive. Our team has planned to copy the data & store them to a folder called: MSR_CopiedData.

If the files cannot be transferred to OneDrive, these files will be migrated to the centrally managed home folder G:Drive to a folder which will appear on your desktop called MSR_CopiedData.

Once data have been successfully migrated, users will be asked to verify their data. Users will have 5 days to confirm.

Q. I have a Mac Laptop/Desktop. Can I also take part in this rollout?

A. From March 2021 Mac & Linux devices will also be part of this rollout project.

Q. What does the roll-out involve?

A. The roll-out primarily consists of 2 steps:  

  1. Migrate your data to OneDrive*
  2. Replacement/reimage of your device to a QM Managed Device 

*Users will be given 5 days to verify their migrated data in OneDrive before commencement of step 2. For further information please download here

Q. What is ITSB?

A. This is the IT Strategy Board. The Board is responsible for overseeing the delivery of all IT capital investment projects and ensuring that internal control frameworks are in place to meet business needs and govern IT Services.

For click here for further information.

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