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IT Services

IT Asset Management Project

IT Asset Management is an important function that Queen Mary University of London is keen to improve. The benefits to you and the University are: 

  • Clearer understanding of equipment utilisation
  • Compliance with regulations and accreditations
  • Identification of equipment at end of life
  • Data driven financial/budgetary planning for equipment maintenance and  supplier pricing negotiations
  • Improved traceability of IT assets
  • Reduced loss and theft prevention
  • Improved IT service and support capability

A key component of IT Asset Management is Asset Scanning and through the month of July 2021, IT Services will undertake an exercise to commence regular audit scanning of all QMUL owned self-managed laptops and desktop computers to cover Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. These are devices which were purchased by the university (including research grants) but where ITS do not retain administrative controls and that do not use university usernames and passwords. ITS managed devices are scanned separately.

NOTE: If your computer is managed by IT Services, no further action is needed.

If you are not sure whether IT Services manages your computer, please log in and check your desktop background. All ITS-managed Windows machines have the following desktop background, so if your desktop looks like the image below then you are on an ITS-Managed Windows device and need take no further action.

If your background looks different please read on and follow the instructions below.


If you use a QMUL owned laptop or desktop computer; you are required to install Lansweeper scan agent on that device. This agent will scan your username, system hardware and software information and report this information back to ITS.  It does not apply to personal device.

Instructions on how to install the Lansweeper agent in readiness for the scan can be found here - How to Install Lansweeper Agent [PDF 1,405KB]

Should you require further assistance in relation to this project, please email:

Important: By undertaking the installation of the Lansweeper agent and enabling the asset scan, you will not provide IT Services control over the management of your laptop or desktop computer. The scan will not inspect the contents of your personal files.

Thank you for your support.

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