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Beware - Phishing Campaign

Phishing campaign impersonating senior Queen Mary staff

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IT Services has become aware of a phishing campaign impersonating senior members of Queen Mary.

Email recipients are encouraged to claim Apple gift cards or other freebies.

While phishing scams are becoming more sophisticated, there can be signs in the email that something is wrong. Check the email carefully for the following:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Poor grammar
  • Impersonal greeting
  • Unusual non-QMUL sender
  • Generic signature

If you are considering following a link, check the website address carefully

  • Hover your cursor over the link, you will see the website address. Is this different to the address stated

If it looks suspicious, even if you know the source, do not open or click on any links. Report the email to the IT Security team by sending the suspicious email to

Further information on this phishing attempt is published on connected

General information on dealing with malicious email is available on the IT Services website








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