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1st Year Students & Print Credit Error

In error, an additional £10 printing credit was added to the accounts of most 1st year students. This has now been removed.


Queen Mary gives each taught student £10 print credit annually, this is referred to in i-Pay as "University Annual Credit".

During August to October, IT Services applied an additional £10 credit to the i-Pay accounts of 1st year students. This was an error which we needed to rectify. On 31st October the error credit was withdrawn from accounts.

No student was left with a negative balance. E.g. if a student had spent £3.75 of the error credit only £6.25 would be withdrawn from their i-Pay account.

The University Annual Credit is applied to i-Pay accounts once a student taps their ID card at one of the printers on campus.

Students can track their balance and print history here:

IT Services apologises for the error and the confusion caused



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