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IT Services

Team Members

Tom King

Assistant Director for Research within IT Services and manages the day-to-day activities of the group.

Tom has worked in the Higher Education IT sector for 30 years, with more than 20 years at Queen Mary, where he gained an MSc in Human Computer Interaction. As the former Head of IT Support for the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science and as the Head of Research Infrastructure, he has extensive experience in supporting researchers in computational disciplines. Most recently, he has been leading on the provision of a data safe haven for the School of Medicine and Dentistry. He has expertise in Linux, HPC and Cloud Computing and represents QMUL in three EPSRC Tier 2 HPC consortia as well as the HDR-UK/MRC eMedLab Executive Board. He has presented at a number of conferences including IEEE/ACM SuperComputing. He is a member of IT Services Lead Team and Research Computing Board.

Simon Butcher

Head of Research Applications.

Simon Butcher is Head of Research Applications in the ITS Research group, responsible for managing the Research Software Engineers team, and the Research Applications team. Together, the teams primarily manage the HPC cluster and provide support for researchers using the service, by way of application installations, HPC assistance, and helping improve their research software. Simon has over 20 years of experience supporting Unix/Linux systems and Open Source software, in a career spanning the Scientific & Research computing sector and the Finance sector. He has a BSc. degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Manchester.

Iain Barrass

Research Applications Team Leader (RSE)

Iain is the team leader for RSE in ITS Research at Queen Mary University of London. He is principally a "modern" Fortran programmer with focus on HPC: parallelization using MPI and/or OpenMP including profiling and optimization. At QMUL he has additional interest in research code usability, quality assurance, reproducibility and portability, for both existing and new code. He has further experience with Fortran interoperability, primarily with C, C++, Matlab and R. He is engaged in good practice outreach, including in data management and interchange.

Mathew Alexandrakis

Research Software Engineer (RSE)

Matthew is an RSE member in ITS Research group at Queen Mary University of London. He is an HPC Fortran programmer with a focus on parallelisation paradigms. He also has experience with C and Matlab, alongside with code profiling, algorithm optimization, and large dataset visualisation and manipulation. He's also responsible for the sysadmin-side of the Apocrita Intel compilers as well as MPI wrappers (Intel MPI, Open MPI) and their underlying communication protocols.

His interests include different parallelisation paradigms (MPI, OpenMP, hybrid models, Fortran CoArrays) and GPGPU acceleration (OpenACC, CUDA). Considerable focus is also spent on building, code testing, documentation, maintenance, and general application of programming best practices for research software development.

He's a PhD graduate with a degree in Applied Mathematics and Computing, from the Computational and Mathematical Sciences department of University of Greenwich, where through numerical simulation he applied a multi-scale multi-physics model to study the solidification of binary alloys.

Iain Stenson

Research Software Engineer (RSE)

Iain is a software engineer with an interest in data analysis and software development best practices.

Iain is the newest member of the RSE group in ITS Research at Queen Mary University of London, coming to us from the Cancer Screening and Prevention Research Group at Imperial College. He is a software engineer with many years' experience writing software for telecommunications, medicine and scientific applications. He predominantly focuses on object oriented languages with a particular interest in high-performance and large-scale Python.

Iain is excited to work on algorithmic problems, distributed data processing, unit testing and teaching, especially as they apply to HPC at QMUL.

Andrew Cooper

Research Consultant (SMD)

Andrew is a motivated IT Professional with over fifteen years of progressive experience. He originally worked for the NHS implementing clinical and employee applications to several large NHS Trusts in London. With extensive experience in Data Management and Project Management especially in developing solutions, implementing upgrades and enhancements to existing IT systems. He has a wide array of programming and software skills, with a particular interest in Python.

Kaptan Miah

Research Consultant (H&SS)

Kaptan has over a decade experience of working within higher education. Prior to joining ITS-Research team, he worked as an IT  Manager with a  broad remit for developing IT-related strategies for supporting teaching and research with a hands-on responsibility of managing  IT infrastructure.  Since joining ITS-Research he has continued to support researchers across the HSS with the pre-and post-award research grant applications (e.g DMP, IT requirements etc). He has first-hand knowledge of working with various stakeholders in order to deliver IT solutions which support the research life cycle.  Previously, he also held an honorary research contract with NHS evaluating and testing clinical trial systems.

Alem Million

Research Consultant (S&E)

Alem has wide range of IT experience and an MSc in computer science from University of Essex. He has broadly worked on the configuration and licensing of FEA, CAD/CAM and other engineering applications and has many years of experience in supporting research in the science and engineering areas.

Tom Bradford

Research Applications Team Leader (Systems)

Tom Bradford is the team leader for the Systems team within the ITS Research group. After completing a bachelor's degree from Nottingham Trent University, Tom has come from a software engineering background but also has over 5 years of experience with Linux system administration and supporting researchers to perform state-of-the-art research on High Performance Compute clusters.

Ben Talbot

Research Systems Administrator

Vitaly Kukchenkov

Research Systems Administrator


Dr Chris Walker

Research Computing Officer – HPC

Peter Childs

Research Computing Officer – Storage

Javier Ron

Research Computing Officer

Keith Bancroft

Head of EECS Support

Harry Krikelis

EECS Research Officer

Ragnar Castillo

Science and Engineering IT Officer

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