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IT Services

Steering Committee

SIS Steering Committee

The purpose of the Student Information System Steering Group is to provide a robust governance regime that will facilitate greater business control and maximise the return on the investment of the Strategic Information Technology Services (SITS) portfolio, the Software that runs the student records database. The group will make sure that the overall portfolio is delivered on-time and within budget and to an acceptable quality.

The Steering Group exists in order to expedite the governance required to define, prioritise and optimise the business effectiveness of the SITS portfolio, it will be comprised of senior stakeholders across the College who are already involved in the delivery and use of the SITS portfolio and understand the overall business impact of the portfolio on the College.

The Steering Group will meet on a regular basis to ensure that the portfolio has the appropriate level of governance applied. At a minimum the portfolio Board will meet every three months. The Steering Group is led by the Academic Registrar and has the following Membership:

  • ARCS Academic Registrar (Chairperson)
  • ARCS Deputy Academic Registrar (Registry) (Deputy Chairperson)
  • Science & Engineering Academic Representative
  • Science & Engineering Non-Academic Representative
  • Medicine & Dentistry Academic Representative
  • Medicine & Dentistry Non-Academic Representative
  • Humanities & Social Sciences Academic Representative
  • Humanities & Social Sciences Non-Academic Representative
  • ITS Assistant Director of Applications
  • ITS Head of Student Systems
  • Faculty Relationship Manager

Research Computing Board

This Research Computing Board (RCB) convenes every 3 months to provide direction and steer on the services required to operate their business function.  The board highlights and prioritises service improvements, to align with the evolving business environment. This may result in projects being initiated and governed by the RCB to ensure the benefits are realised for the business area.

Membership of the Research Computing Board will consist of the following:

  • VP Research (Chair)
  • Chair of the Genomics Bioinformatics Steering Group 
  • Chair of the High Performance Computing Steering Group
  • Chair of the Clinical Systems Steering Group 
  • Chair of the Digital Humanities Steering Group 
  • Head of School, EECS 
  • Representation from the QMUL Doctoral College 
  • Representation from Genomics England 
  • Assistant Director for Research, IT Services 

The ToR for the board can be found here:  RCB ToR [PDF 194KB]

Service Management System/ Ivanti Steering Committee

Purpose of steering group
A joint Library/IT Services/ E-Learning steering group to oversee the future development of the Ivanti (LANDesk) Service Management system.


  • Identify opportunities for development of the service and act as a recipient of requests for development of the service from other business areas and client users.
  • Ensure that the service development needs of the departments using the system are addressed in a timely and controlled manner.
  • Identify and manage risks related to the service


  • Document and maintain departmental objectives for the service.
  • Ensure service operation is aligned with departmental objectives and strategic plans for the service.
  • Identify gaps and conduct needs analysis where service operation is identified as weak, non-existent, or misaligned with departmental objectives.
  • Ensure that plans for changes and developments to the service consider the needs of all application business and client users.
  • Prioritise and document development and configuration change requirements.
  • Review the implementation of changes to the service.
  • Oversee staff induction and systems training for the service, ensuring documentation and training materials are up to date and aligned with departmental objectives for the service.
  • Ensure service processes are documented and understood by staff.
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