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IT Services

IT Strategy Board

The aim of the IT Strategy Board (ITSB) is to provide overall governance of IT Services and the achievement of the IT Strategy . ITSB is represented by senior members across all areas of QMUL and is accountable to the Senior Executive Team (SET Formerly known as QMSE).  

The Board is responsible for overseeing the delivery of all IT capital investment projects and ensuring that internal control frameworks are in place to meet business needs and govern IT Services.

ITSB provides strategic direction and guidance to IT Services and serves as an escalation route to SET and Council.

Membership of ITSB includes:

Ex officio members:

  • Chief Operating Officer - PS (COO) - Chair
  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)

  • Deputy CIO /  Assistant Director OCIO

  • Vice Principal (Education)

  • Vice Principal (Research & innovation)

  • Chief Operating Officer (SMD)

  • Faculty Operating Officer (HSS)

  • Faculty Operating Officer (S&E)

In Attendance:

  • Students’ Union President

  • Assistant Director ITS Change Delivery

  • Assistant Director ITS Research

  • Assistant Director ITS Platforms and Service Delivery 

  • Assistant Director ITS Solution Development

  • Head of Information Security, 

  • Technical Lead/Solution Architect (Cloud)

  • Deputy Director Of Procurement, Finance

  • Director Estates & Facilities & Capital Development

  • Finance Partner (ITS)

  • Business Support Manager (ITS)

  • ITS PMO - Secretariat 

The ITSB Terms of Reference (ToR) can be found here: ToR - Apr 2021

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