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Frequently Asked Questions

Information about returning to campus

Is there any standard graphic tablet I should use for blended teaching?

Yes, you can request a graphic tablet from IT Services and you can find more information on the make, model and user guides here.

Is there any standard document visualiser I should use for blended teaching?

Yes, you can request document visualiser from IT Services and you can find more information on the make, model and user guides here.

Can I access Microsoft software with my Queen Mary account?

Yes, you have free access to Microsoft Office Suite and you can follow this link to step-by-step video guide here.

Can I access other pieces of software, such as Prism or Origin Pro?

A list of a free or discounted software can be found here.

You can also access a large number of specialist software packages using our AppsAnywhere service, more information here.

What should I do if I do not have a reliable internet connection?

The University will not provide financial support for staff to enhance their broadband package. There is information here on how to get the best out of existing internet connectivity.

What should I do if I have a disability or diagnosis that affects my working from home?

You can contact Disability and Dyslexia Service (DDS) services and they will work with you to determine the support required.

Can you access a Queen Mary desktop from home, to use specialised software?

Yes, you can do that and more working from anywhere in the world. See our pages for Digital Workplace with detailed information on the services we offer and how to access them.

What should I do if I do not have a reliable laptop, PC or other equipment?

Please refer to IT Equipment WFH policy [PDF 867KB] for more information.

Do we still have access to Skype for Business?

Yes, we do, and you can still download it on your home computer. However, Skype for Business will be discontinued by Microsoft and MS Teams will take over by the end of 2021.

Can we use Google Hangouts?

Ideally you will use Queen Mary’s technology services. This is to ensure Data Protection and Cybersecurity standards are adhered to at all times when processing personal data.

Should we use Zoom or Microsoft Teams?

Use MS Teams. We have the institutional licence for MS Teams, its general use is supported by ITS and Blackboard Collaborate supported by E-Learning Unit. Queen Mary has purchased a limited number of licences for Zoom, funded centrally, to be used by those teaching staff who favour the use of Zoom over Blackboard Collaborate and MS Teams for teaching purposes.

Is there any software I can use to make drawings, demonstrate code or another visual (such as equations) while I am teaching?

Yes, there are many systems available that you can use for demonstration, including OneNote, Microsoft Whiteboard and Virtual Sketchpad.

Will QM provide a tablet or a printer?

Please refer to IT Equipment WFH policy [PDF 867KB] for more information.

How do we come onto campus to record lectures?

This is to be confirmed.

What training is available for distanced teaching and learning?

There is plenty of training available, please see this link.

How do I edit videos on Qreview?

Qreview and other training resources are available here.

Is captioning enabled for the lecture recordings?

We have purchased a licence for captioning service for Qreview. Various captioning tools are also available in Microsoft365 applications – you can find more information here.

What is the e-learning unit?

The E-Learning Unit provides educational support and direction for e-learning applications and engages with staff and students across all levels of the institution. We can help you with support, training or advice on anything regarding the use of technology in teaching and learning – simple or complex, individual or faculty-wide, technical or pedagogic. Full information on the services ELU provides, along with case studies and guides can be found here.

Can I access the :J or :G drive from home?

Yes you can. If you are using one of the Queen Mary’s laptops you will have direct access to G: and J: drive, otherwise you can access them via VDI.

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If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for, please chat to us. We welcome any suggestions you may have.

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