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IT Services

IT Strategy

The provision of excellent IT facilities to staff, students and the research community is essential for Queen Mary to achieve its strategic goals. Increasingly across the whole Higher Education sector students, staff and the research community expect and demand high quality and reliable services as research and teaching comes to be more critically reliant on modern, robust and fit-for-purpose IT capabilities. In December 2010, the Queen Mary Senior Executive agreed to invest in a QMUL-wide IT Transformation Programme in order to deliver sector leading IT facilities for students, staff and the research community.

The five year IT Transformation Programme will provide the IT tools and services required to enable QMUL to achieve excellence in research and teaching and help to distinguish us in an increasingly competitive market. The strategy is grouped into four major strands:

  • Enhanced and personalised student experience
  • Improved research lifecycle management
  • Improved business systems and reporting, to support administration services
  • Consolidated provision of common IT services and modern IT infrastructure

The strategy for the next planning period is under development and will be made available once finalised.  

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