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Create multiple QM-Guest accounts

These are the steps for creating a multiple wireless network accounts for your for visitors to gain internet access while at QMUL.


  • Access to your QMUL email account
  • QMUL username and password

Steps for creating multiple QM-Guest accounts

1. Go to:  

2. Enter your QMUL username and password and click Log In.

3. On the page that opens, click on ‘Create Multiple Guest Accounts’ from the menu.

4. On the form that opens, you can enter the number of guest user accounts you require, then select the when their temporary accounts should start and expire.

5. When completed, click on Create Accounts and the guest accounts will be created and the details displayed on the screen.

6. You can print the details for your visitors by clicking on Open print window using template… and then selecting from the drop down menu either Account List (for the accounts to be listed on one page) or One account per page (for the accounts to be printed one per page). Click Print. Please Note: the window that opens when One account per page is selected does show the accounts on one page, but they print one guest account per page.

7. When you are finished, you can go back to the main menu by clicking on the Back to guests link at the bottom of the screen. Or to sign out, click on the Back to main link, and then click on Logout.

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