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Request access to QM-Events Wi-Fi

These are the steps for gaining wireless network access to the internet while visiting QMUL.


  • Wireless access enabled device
  • Device that can use wireless standard 802.11a/g/n
  • Internet browser, eg Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.

Steps for requesting access to the QM-Guest wireless network

1. Open your wireless network section and connect to the SSID called ‘QM-Guest’.

2. Open your browser, go to any website, and you should be redirected to the ‘QM-Guest’ registration page. If you already have a guest account click on ‘Sign In’ to access Wi-Fi.

3. To request a new account, complete the form that opens with the required details and add the contact details of the person you are visiting (ie your QMUL Wi-Fi sponsor).

4. When the form is completed, click on the Register button. A confirmation page will open with details of your request. The account status will remain Disabled and it will not be possible to connect. This screen will auto-refresh every 30 seconds and will only become Enabled once your QMUL sponsor has approved the request.

5. Once approved, you will be able to connect straight away by clicking on the Log In button. You will be redirected to the QMUL website and now have full internet access for the time you are at QMUL.

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