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Configuring a Windows phone for eduroam

Install Certificate

If the file is opened instead of prompting you to download, hit back and click the link again.

  • Select Save As... and save the certificate file to your device. You can do this direct to your mobile device, or by downloading the file to your PC and synchronising.
  • Open File Explorer, locate the certificate file and click on it. A dialogue box will pop up warning that you are about to install a certificate and asking you to confirm that you want to continue. Click OK.

On some Windows devices, security settings may prevent the built-in installer from installing the certificate. If you encounter problems, please refer to the Microsoft Support website.

Connect to the eduroam network

  • Ensure that wireless is enabled on your device.
  • In Settings, click on WiFi and select eduroam from the list of available networks.
  • Enter your QMUL username followed with, e.g. ''.
  • Enter your QMUL password.
  • Leave the domain blank.
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