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Configuring an Android phone for eduroam

Note: To configure your device for eduroam in the most secure manner, please use the eduroam Configuration Assistance Tool (CAT) where possible – see Wi-Fi

Install Certificates

Connect to the eduroam network

Note: The settings may vary depending on the Android version and the manufacturer.

  • Please change the following settings:
  • In Settings, select Wireless & Networks and then Wi-Fi Settings
  • Now select the eduroam entry in the list
  • AP Method: PEAP
  • Phase2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
  • CA Certificate: QMUL Root CA (setting not on all devices)
  • Identity: Enter your QMUL username with '' appended, e.g. ''
  • Password: Your QMUL password
  • Anonymous identity: Set to blank
  • Click the Connect button and then wait until the message Connected to eduroam appears.
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