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These are the steps for setting up your BlackBerry for your QMUL email account.


  • BlackBerry
  • QMUL username and password

Steps to configure your Blackberry for Office 365

1. Click the Setup option on the home screen and select Email Accounts.

2. From the list select Internet Mail Account.

3. If you have a non-QMUL email account already set up, select Set up another email account, then Other.

4. Enter your QMUL email address (eg and password then click Continue.

5. You may get an error message ‘Invalid email address or password…’, but click OK.

6. Depending on your BlackBerry device, you may need to click I will provide the settings to continue with the set up:

  • Select POP/IMAP (Most common) at the top of screen then scroll down ensuring email address and password are already filled in.
  • In the Email server field enter ''.
  • In the User name field enter your QMUL username including the '' suffix (eg
  • Click Continue.

7. You will get a message confirming set up is complete.

8. Return to the home screen and access your email to confirm that you have set up your QMUL email account correctly.

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