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Wireless Printing

IT Services provides a wireless print service called  EveryonePrint. Users can login to the wireless print service from anywhere in the world with web access.

Once a printing job has been submitted, users have 24 hours to collect it. Print outs can be collected from any Student Service Printer or Library Photocopier on campus and are paid for using your QM iPay account.

The steps below will demonstrate how to use this service.


1. Click here and login by entering your QMUL username and password.

2. Click on Browse... to navigate to the document you would like to upload for printing.

3. Double-click on the document and click Next.

4. Check the box next to the Advanced option.

Note: By placing a tick in the check box next to the printer of your choice (Advanced) you will be given the option to select the amount of copies, page range and duplex or single sided.

5. Select the printer of your choice.

Note: In this example we have chosen to print to a black and white printer.

You can now login to the printer and release the print job.

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