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Web development support

Your research needs to have the right kind of visibility, if that involves a web presence then ITS Research will advise and support your endeavour. Although we do not develop web-sites within the group, we can help you decide on the appropriate approach – whether that is a static page within the QMUL website; a web application on the university’s LAMP stack, or a bespoke website developed for the project.

Software development support

ITS Research will provide support for the development of research software, including consultancy advice and hands-on programming. For example we can help you parallelise your research application to make it run more efficiently across the HPC cluster.

Specialised Teaching Support

For the interface between teaching and research we can provide systems and programming support. For example, we have expertise in MATLAB within the group, and have also assisted with using the HPC cluster in undergraduate teaching labs for Computational Fluid Dynamics. For enquires please email to arrange a chat.

Research computing support, education and training

Our training site will provide primers on getting started on the cluster, short training sessions on basic Linux usage and support for our enterprise applications such as Stata and MATLAB. We can also present face-to-face training sessions on these subjects and can arrange training sessions from software vendors if there is sufficient demand.

Staff secondment

If you have IT staffing requirements for a research project (eg a 0.5FTE for IT development or support), ITS Research can give you consistent and continuous support for your research by providing the personnel and covering the remaining part of their salary.

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