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Pre-Award Support

Researchers preparing grant bids are encouraged to contact ITS Research to assess their IT requirements. ITS Research can help with IT costing, clarify technical requirements, suggest available services and provide guidance for researchers formulating a Data Management Plan (DMP) for submission with their application.

Please contact IT-Research consultants at least 2 weeks in advance of the award deadline for pre-award support e.g. by emailing

Data Management Plans

Many funding bodies have made a Data Management Plan (DMP) a mandatory requirement for research grant applications - these plans may come under various headings such as: 'Data Management' & Sharing Plan (Wellcome); Technical Plan (AHRC); Data Management Plan (ESRC); etc.

ITS Research encourages researchers and postgraduate students across all academic disciplines in QMUL to formulate a DMP prior to the start of the research, and to continue to develop it throughout their project. The purpose of the data management plan is to ensure that you have taken into account best practices associated with managing research data throughout the research lifecycle (e.g. quality assurance, ethics, storage, security, archiving, sharing etc.).

Sharing research data has the potential to ‘increase the impact and visibility of research’ through validation of results and follow-on studies. Researchers should therefore safeguard their data in a useable format, enabling access for other researchers (e.g. through the UK data Service, QMRO or a discipline-specific repository). The Library provides some additional information on Research Data Management.

All RCUK funders follow common principles on research data and, with the exception of  EPSRC, require a DMP as part of the grant application. EPSRC does not require a formal plan for the funding bids, but expects a detailed plan to be in place for the research project.

ITS Research consultants are happy to help you formulate your data management plan. Please email at least 2 weeks in advance of the award deadline.

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