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Bart’s Health NHS Trust ICT Update

Please be aware of the following information circulated to Trust staff by Bart’s Health ICT

Dear Barts Health Staff:

The teams have completed update work on almost all PCs across our sites. To ensure the last few PCs are protected and can be used please read and action the following:

1.    To ensure all PCs have the required protection a system is pushing out updates. If you’re prompted to re-start your computer please do so.

2.    Please remove any red/amber/green sticky tape from computers in your area.

3.    If your computer still has a ‘red’ or ‘amber’ sticker and is switched off please, if required, connect the network cable to the back of your computer with the other end connected to the wall socket and then switch on your computer. Once turned on if you receive the image below on the desktop please shut computer down immediately and log a call with the service desk. The team will then visit to clean the PC.

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