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CategoryApplicationFunction/ comments
Operating SystemWindows 10 
Office Software

MS Office 2016


Word processing, Spreadsheet, graphs,  Presentations (on screen and printed), Image handling
NetworkFirefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, PuTTY (Telnet/SSH Client), MobaXtermWeb browsers and set of accessories for remote access to other computers
Maths & StatsSPSS, Matlab, Maple, Minitab, Mathematica, R , RStudio, Texmaker, LaTeX (TeXLive), (TeXLive), LyX, gnuplotComputer algebra , Data analysis, statistics, Charts and graphs,  Mathematical typesetting
ProgrammingMingW tools, C, C++,  Java (JDK & JRE), Python, Eclipse IDE, BlueJ IDEProgramming languages and integrated development environments, (IDES’s), Programming libraries
Drawing , Graphics and image processingImageJ, GIMP, InkscapeChemistry drawing package, Image editing, Graphic manipulation
ViewersAdobe Acrobat Reader, Ghostscript, dviout (TeXLive), EvincePDF viewers, postscript file viewers, dvi file viewers
LibraryDatabases, Library Catalogue, Web PagesLibrary databases, Links to library catalogue, Links to library home page
GeneralCalculator, Paint, Notepad, Virus Scan, WordPad, 7zipSimple calculator, Drawing program, Simple text editor, Archiving, Virus checking software, Basic Word Processor
Specialist departmentalVarious (see list below)We support a wide variety of specialist software for the academic departments.
This software covers areas such as astronomy, psychology, microscopy, etc...


Specialist DepartmentalSpecialist softwareSoftware location
EngineeringAbaqus, Advanced Aircraft Analysis (AAA), Ansys, CES Edupack, GaBI Education, National Instruments Software, PTC Creo, SolidWorks, StarCCMEngineering 128D, Mile End Library, The Hive, Queen’s EB7 and W207.
Economics (Trading Lab)Bloomberg, XTraderQueen’s W307
Language Centre PC LabsClassroom Control, sound and video streaming facility  (Televic software)Francis Bancroft 1st floor Language Centre
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