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Purchasing IT equipment for personal use

  • Service Group: Help, Support, and Policy Service
  • Users: Staff, Students


London Universities Purchasing Consortium
After competitive tendering under EC Procurement Regulations, the London Universities Purchasing Consortium (LUPC), of which QMUL is a member, has awarded contracts for the supply of desktop computers and laptops for personal use. Our purchasing policy is to support and use the LUPC agreements, which:

    • provides excellent prices and overall value for money;
    • allows individual members of staff and students to purchase privately at LUPC contract prices.

Dell VIP Club
We have a contract with Dell which enables students to purchase Dell PCs, laptops and other devices at a 10% discount. There are also regular special offers on equipment. You need to sign up on the Dell website by clicking here. You can use any email but to get the discount you must register your company name as "Queen Mary University of London". Dell will email you the discount codes directly.

Apple Store for Education
Visit the Apple Store for Education for special pricing on Mac, iPad and AppleCare. Apple education pricing is available to university students, students accepted into university, parents buying for university students, teachers and staff at all levels. Apple's pages for this national agreement are at:

How to request this service

Please contact the supplier directly via the links above.

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Please contact the supplier directly via above websites





Dependent service

This service is for personal use and has no dependency on QMUL IT equipment.

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