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Telephone Service

Service group: Collaboration and Communication Services
Users: Staff

Service Description 

IT Services provide IP and analogue telephony service to staff in all Schools, Institutes, Directorates and Professional Services.
IT Services will help in establishing telephony requirements, including the provisioning of telephone lines and handsets. Our services include installs and moves of telephone lines, adding and removing telephone features to an existing set and disconnection of unused telephone lines.
All the above services are directly chargeable to the requesting Faculty, Institute or School.

How to request this service

Self-service: Helpdesk

Lead time

Telephony Service related requests should be made 5 working days in advance.


Digital Mitel IP Phone – handset, licence, voicemail box: £211.25 (+VAT).


Hours of Service: 24/7/365
Supported Monday to Friday 8am–6pm (excluding bank holidays and university closure days).


Contact the IT Helpdesk
Call: +44 (0)20 7882 8888
Visit: Queens’ Building, Room W209, Mile End
Self-service: Helpdesk

Dependent service

This service is dependent on Infrastructure Services

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