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Finance System - Online Payment System - ePay (WPM)

Service group: Help, Support, and Policy Services
Users: Students, Staff

Service Description  

ePay (WPM) is a web based payment facility to enable students and landlords to make payments.

Also knows QM E-shop or On-Line store, ePay (WPM) is an on-line payment facility, which provides products, conferences and events to be displayed, booked and paid for online.

How to access:

How to request this service

Self-service: Helpdesk

Lead time

ePay (WPM) related requests should be made 5 working days in advance.


There is no cost to the user for this service, but it is a role based service so will need local approval prior to requesting access.


Hours of Service: 24/7/365
Supported Monday to Friday 8am–6pm (excluding bank holidays and university closure days).


Contact the IT Helpdesk
Call: +44 (0)20 7882 8888
Visit: Queens’ Building, Room W209, Mile End
Self-service: Helpdesk

Dependent service

This service is dependent on Infrastructure Services

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