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Computer Access

If your guest requires access to a computer during their visit at QMUL, please raise a request with the IT Helpdesk. They will be able to help set your guest with a temporary account that will give them access to the internet and Microsoft Office.


You can set up access to allow campus guests to connect to the internet for free using our ‘QM-Guest’ wireless network. Staff members act as ‘sponsor’ for their visitor and this allows us to give temporary access to individuals via the JANET eduroam service without breaking any of the acceptable user policies which this ties us into. There are details on connecting guests on our Wi-Fi support pages. It is only suitable for single visitors who are spending a relatively short time on campus.


We currently offer printing for visitors only via the CopyShop who provides a professional, cost effective and friendly print service. More information on the CopyShop can be found on their website or by visiting them in the Temporary Building (map no. 56). However if a visitor has a visitor account (please see below) then they can print to the student print service if they add money to their account.  If they are a visitor just using the Guest Wi-Fi then they cannot print.

Photocopying for NHS staff and visitors

Photocopying cards are available for NHS staff and visitors on request. Please go to the Welcome Desk at the Mile End Library or the Help Point at the Medical Libraries. NHS staff with ID cards that have proximity access can have accounts created using your QMUL ID card.

Conferences and events

If you are hosting a conference or event on campus, you can request a password to allow groups of guests or delegates to access the Internet for free.

If you want to make use of this service for future events you need only request access from the IT Helpdesk. You will be issued with a password, which is changed fortnightly, allowing all delegates to connect to the 'QM-Events' wireless network. More details are available on our Wi-Fi support pages. 

Visiting Lecturers

IT account

Visiting lecturers will be set up with a standard QMUL account for the duration of their time with us. You need to request access with the IT Helpdesk. This can and should be requested in advance of the lecturer arriving. This will give them access to computers in teaching rooms across campus and online learning services, such as QMplus.


Visiting lecturers should be able to connect to the eduroam wireless network using their fully qualified home username, as long as their home institution is an eduroam member. Just a reminder that all users of computing facilities, including eduroam, at Queen Mary are required to obey the IT regulations as outlined on our Policies page.

Outgoing SMTP (port 25) traffic is blocked; visitors are advised to use port 465 with SSL or port 587 with TLS for encrypted transport, or port 587 without TLS to send mail via their home institution's mail service.

Wi-Fi is not provided in all areas of the college.  Coverage is targeted at teaching areas and communal areas such as the Library and most Halls.

Recording Visiting Lecturers

Q-Review is a service for the recording and distribution of a teaching activity. The system aims to encourage flexible teaching methods, and allows lecturers to retain full control (publishing, editing and deleting) over their recordings. Please visit the E-Learning website for more information about Q-Review and terms of use.

Audio Visual and room bookings

Rooms for timetabled teaching are assigned automatically by the Central Timetabling Service. Please note that requests for audio visual support should be submitted at least 5 working days in advance. For more information about our AV facilities, video conferencing or room bookings, please visit our AV support page.  

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