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Lost Stolen IT Equipment

If an IT equipment is lost  or stolen, please take the following actions:

  • Report this to the appropriate authorities
  • Inform Estates Security as a QMUL asset has been lost or stolen. 
  • Report to IT Services via an email or phone call (raise a ticket) and notify us of any information or data that was stored on the IT equipment such as:
    1. Did it contain any "Restricted" or "Confidential" data?
    2. Was it:
            a) a standard "managed" machine (in which case the disc was fully encrypted), or
            b) another (self-managed) machine with a fully encrypted hard disc, or
            c) a machine without any encryption applied to the hard disc?
    3. Was any removable media that might have contained QMUL data included in the loss or theft?
  • Raise a Request for loan or new IT equipment to ensure you are able to continue working.
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