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This page contains a list of IT Services Policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that help to define how the department operates. Overarching Policies can be found on the QMUL Academic Registry and Council Secretariat (ARCS) Policy zone page.

Each document is subject to an annual review to ensure that the documents remains relevant and up to date. Any updates are added to the recent version and then uploaded to supersede the current version online.

Where a document has passed its review date, the document remains active until the review is complete and a new version is uploaded. If it is deemed no longer valid then the document is retired and removed from the list below.  

Governance Frameworks

IT Governance Framework

IT - Project Governance

Gateway Review Manual

IT Security

Information Security Policy

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) - For Data Governance

DG00 Review and Update of Polices
DG01 Information Risk Assessments
DG02 Business Continuity
DG03 Confidentiality agreements
DG04 Contracting for IT Services
DG05 IS Incident Reporting
DG06 IT Malfunction Reporting
DG07 IT Procurement
DG08 Implementing IT Systems
DG09 Information Classification
DG10 IT Equipment Disposal
DG11 System Access Controls
DG12 Cryptographic Controls
DG13 Records Management
DG14 Storage of Information
DG15 Handling Information
DG16 Disposal of Information
DG17 IT User Account Management Policy
DG18 Password Management Policy
DG19 IT Remote Access
DG20 Access to and use of Email
DG21 Disconnection from System
DG22 Maintenance of Security Logs
DG23 Computer Room Operation
DG24 Working in Secure Areas
DG25 Configuration, Change and Release Management
DG26 System Backup and Recovery
DG27 IT Security Incident Management
DG28 Network Management
DG29 Acceptable Use of IT


IT Related Policies

Information Governance

Records Management

Managing Electronic Information

College Web policy

Data Protection Policy

Janet acceptable use policy

Central Print Policy

Patch Management Policy

Service Management Policy

Software Compliance Policy

BYOD Policy
BYOD Appendix - B

Guidance Documents

Cloud Guidelines

Web Application Guidance

SDD and NCR Naming Convention

Guide to current service offering - PC and Print May 2016

IT Service Offerings Description Document v4.0

Guidance for Recruiting Individuals


Risk Management

QMUL Risk Policy

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